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Bitten by a tick – what should I do? Advice on removing ticks. The Switzerland and Liechtenstein risk map shows where you might be bitten by a tick. You can determine the current tick risk for your location and record bites that happen outdoors in the tick diary. Using the reminder function you can compare visible indications of a Lyme disease infection with pictures of symptoms. The information provided about ticks allows you to protect yourself against tick bites, to monitor bites on your body and to seek a doctor’s advice at the first sign of a Lyme disease infection.

Tick prevention ist free available for iOS- and Android-devices.

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FAQ App «Tick Prevention»

Is there a tick risk map for Germany?

The risk map was developed for Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Other countries will be included in the future.

Can I also record bites to pets in the tick diary?

This app is not intended for this purpose. Pets suffer from other diseases to humans. Because the diary is designed to remind users to check Lyme disease symptoms in humans, mixing records of human and animal bites is undesirable.

How do I change the language? iOS / Android?

The language displayed in the app is dependent on your system setting.

Settings –> General –> Language & Region
iPhone language –> Choose language and Confirm with “Done”.

How do I enter an exact date in the tick diary?

When recording a tick bite in the tick diary “Today” “Yesterday” and “Do not know” can be selected. This entry restriction has been deliberately chosen because it leads to fewer mistakes when entering the time of the bite. Tick bites that occurred further in the past should be recorded as “Do not know”.

Are contents of the app and the risk map available online?

In order to present the real-time tick bite danger, smartphones or tablets use current weather data and the user’s location. Since this function is stored in the app, the risk map can not be accessed online via a Computer. Klick here for static content

How can I use the tick map for planning a trip?

You can find the tick map via the “Where are ticks lurking?” main menu option. Zoom out from the map and move the map to the desired location for your trip. Select “General” for the risk representation and zoom until the risk levels appear. The “Legend” navigation field leads to the description of the five-level risk scale. Clicking on the arrow takes you back to your current location

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